Basic Sharpening:
Sharpening your saw includes, jointing, raker swaging, tooth sharpening and setting, cleaning between the teeth and gullets,minor straightening and light rust removal. If your saw requires extensive straightening and rust removal, I will charge extra. This will require more time and skill. 

If you have an old rusty saw, that has been hanging on the wall or in the shed, that you would like to see restored to its glory days, this is what I can do: heavy rust removal, replace broken teeth, re cutting teeth and gullets.

Basic Sharpening:$16 per foot 

Restoring/Refurbishing: call for a consultation and cost quote

Heavy Rust Removal/extensive straightening:an additional $5-$10 per foot depending on the severity 

Shipping:  You are responsible for the cost of shipping your saw back to you. I will include this in the overall price.  If you chose to ship FedEx or UPS, please call for physical address. 

* Once your saw is finished, if payment isn't received within 2 weeks, an additional $5 a week will be added to your cost for storage. If I do not hear from you within 6 weeks, I will assume you no longer want your saw, and will keep it in lieu of payment.

​David's Crosscuts Saws and Saw Sharpening


I take every effort to properly sharpen and take care of your saws. A good vintage saw can be 60  years old or older. Occasionally, teeth can be broken off do to old age of the metal,manufacturer defect, and previous user neglect. 

I do not take responsibility for any damage that is done during the shipping process. I will send your saw back to you in a properly packaged box to prevent any shipping accidents. But things do happen, so please take precautions when you send the saw to me.